Exciting Day

Helena has lice, so she has to stay home with Dalen. While at home, the cat scratches her face and hands. Picture here.

Liam asked me for money today for his school’s garage sale, which takes place in the hallway. I gave him three dollars that I found in Ada’s “pack-pack” that must have been left in there from the person who I bought it off from eBay that I had found the day before. He buys a bag of Matchbox cars. Later in the day, another kid wants to buy five of the cars that Liam has and offers him $5.00 for them. So Liam comes home with some cars, and $6.00. Well, and 25 cents. I’m not sure where that came from.

Now I’m in bed doing school work and Ada is sleeping with me. She squirms a little from dreaming and I hear her say (to a friend, I suppose) “Hmmmmm, I’m going to wait for my dad”.  Sweet!

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