Foshay v2

Last time that we went down to the Foshay Tower, Dori was with us but Liam was at a birthday party, so this was his first trip there. And the weather was much, much nicer.

Lyndale Avenue is under construction, so it took us awhile to get downtown. Ada enjoyed it while sitting criss-cross applesauce.

Liam was quite reflective on the ride down. Not a word the whole time. Contemplating life? Probably not….most likely thinking about the kickball game the night before.

We stopped into Candyland first to get Sour Sassy Taffy, Licorice Wheels, and Gourmet Jelly Beans (Ada is particular about her jelly beans). Dad was chatting with a little boy who was quite excited to be there that day. I heard his mother tell him that they’ll get some candy for the movie theatre. It turned out to be his fifth birthday today, so we mentioned that tomorrow was Ada’s and they were both quite excited about that. So I said to the boy, “Hey, you know what you really, really should do on your birthday? You should go to the movies!” Well, the kids eyes got really, really big and he said, “I am going to the movies!”. Anyway, after talking to him for a minute or so (they were ahead of us in line) they left. But then the boy came back in with a dollar and gave it to Ada and told her it was for her birthday. Helena thinks that they must have been rich. (I certainly don’t think that they were, which makes the whole thing that much sweeter, anyhow). As we were walking into Macy’s, which is adjacent to Candyland, Ada was snacking and holding the dollar bill in her armpit. Here’s Ada before she put the dollar bill the only place that she could think of.

My first mistake was taking them to Candyland before eating lunch, but it is summer and we’re downtown, so who cares that only Helena ate her lunch. We went to the Sky Room at about 1:30. Apparently there is a law that nobody can eat lunch that late because there were only five other people there. But we did get a nice table, though, overlooking the city pigeon.

Then we were off the the Foshay. Dad wants a print of this, so he took a photo of it. He’s looked it up, but can’t find much.

We walked around the top for about twenty minutes. They loved looking through the view finders. We couldn’t see the house, but the grass atop Brit’s Pub, the ski jump in Bloomington, the baseball field, and accordion buses were a hit. Helena was nice enough to offer to take a photo of two girls who were attempting to take one of themselves.



Here’s one with the reflection of the building we were on in the background.


And then the bus ride home. It must be said that the waiting time for buses today was great. I think two minutes tops for both parts. And both Helena and Liam got to put transfer cards into the reader, so that was (a little) exciting for them. Helena has done it before, but she always forgets how.

Notice that Ada decided to sit on the other side of the bus by herself!

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