Twins / Indians

I took Liam downtown to a Twins game tonight. Liam didn’t know that we were going there, so once we just walked into the stadium he couldn’t stop talking and running around in circles he was so excited. Luckily the Twins were in last place by this time, so tickets were pretty cheap. The weather was pretty cold (51 degrees when it began with a good wind), but we did stay the whole time. Luckily the Twins began to come back near the end of the game to make it a bit exciting.

Pretty excited  as we get to the seats


Kramarczuk sausage.

After seeing the milk commercial the sixtieth time in the stadium, Liam wanted some. But as far as I know, you can't actually find milk anywhere, so he had a monster soda.

Trying to stay warm. A "few" empty seats.

On the dugout after the game just before we were yelled out for sitting on the dugout after the game.

At the entrance (after the game)

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