Christmas Morning

The kids woke up at 6:45. Helena said that they woke up at 6:00 but since I said that they shouldn’t get up until 7:00, they just sat down in the basement on the futon (where they all slept) talking.

Liam seemed a bit excited and a bit underdressed.

Helena was pleased with her Hello Kitty.

The kids’ loot (or as Liam says, “lot”)

I don’t remember what this was all about. I’m sure that it didn’t last long, though. I think she may have begun to open it before she was told to wait for someone else to finish with theirs.

Liam takes a break from opening up presents to put together a Lego game board that Helena bought for him. Thus, he held everyone else up and some of them weren’t too happy about that.

This was the gift to all three kids from Santa.

Ada was happy with her clothes.

Ada was also happy with her accessories (some of which were Helena’s)

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