Downtown Trip

The kids have been asking to go to Candyland again, so we all (including Helena’s friend Elaina) took the bus downtown.

Ada was talking about getting shoestring licorice all week, but once we got there she decided to get the jelly beans again. She always wants the small (and more expensive) gourmet jelly beans. Helena and Elaina both got popcorn, which is something new for Helena, and Liam did get the shoestring licorice, which he tied into knots continuously.

We then went to Panera to get some drinks and sit outside in the nice weather. I was busy hiding their candy whenever one of the kids went inside for a fruit punch refill.

Ada on the bus

Probably talking about boys.

Lots of choices.

This is what she came for, but then got distracted by the jelly beans once again.


Eating outside on Nicollet Mall.


Feeding the birds.

This was taken moments before security came and told us to get off the fountain. Oops.

Waiting for the bus.

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