Minnesota Zoo Trip

The kids had been to the zoo once this year already when Aunt Dori was here, but for some reason they didn’t ride the monorail. So they asked right away if they could today and I said that we could. But we usually do that at the end of the day. So when we finally got around to it and went up, we found out that it was the very last day of the monorail – there isn’t enough money for upkeep and the number of riders has dropped for many years so they just decided that the time had come to retire it. Thus the photo of the kids on the monorail with the unhappy faces. Although they were quite giggly while waiting for the train to come.

Here is one of the photos now and from over eight years ago.

Haven't taken a photo here in many years.

Haven’t taken a photo here in many years.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You remembered the exact image. Those were wonderful family trips. The picture with Liam frowning by the rocks when he was 2 is still a classic.

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