Christmas Morning – Helena

Helena and Chubby getting ready. Helena woke up first, and ran down to wake Libby up. This is her getting ready for the fun of opening the presents. It turns out that she didn’t open them all up in one sitting, just like past years, though.

Opening some musical instruments. Helena like the kazoo, but not as much as Dalen.

I’m not sure how many times we played Go Fish over the week, but it was quite a few times. It is very difficult playing with Helena since she can’t hold the cards in her hand because she lays them out for all to see. Somehow, she still wins every time!

This was Helena’s favorite present, especially with the accessories that she got throughout the day. She has had the dress on everyday. She even wanted to take a nap in it today until I convinced her otherwise.

Another game of Helena’s.

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