New Vocabulary

I was telling my kids that I have two students that stutter. Ada asked what stuttering was, so I did my best to describe it. I said, “It is when a person tries to say something but the same sound comes out over and over, like st-st-st-st-st-stutter”

Ada says, “So they are trying to rap?”


Doughnut Day

Wednesday morning we head to Cub to buy doughnuts on the way to school. Ada always gets chocolate topped ones, and almost every week when we get to her school we have to hug awkwardly because she has chocolate on her cheek.

Today, Liam’s mother told him that his soccer shorts were at my house, and so he looked for them from 6:40 to 7:05 before we were notified that were actually at his mother’s.

So, being late, I skipped going to Cub. The kids never said anything in the car about it. When we got to Ada’s school, I noticed a bit of dirt on her cheek. I asked her what it was and she said, “Well, it isn’t chocolate from Doughnut Day.”


Just got home from a long day trip

Libby, Pete, and all five kids were in their van which pulled into their driveway just before our car with Jeanette, dad, Dori and I pulled in.

Ada ran out of the van to tell us:

Jake was crying because he was tired and now he’s crying because he is confused.



On the way back home from swimming lessons, Helena was wondering if her cat’s birthday, which apparently is February 13th, was going to be on a Friday. I told her that it was going to be on a Monday, so she was glad that it wasn’t going to be on a Friday because Friday the 13th is bad luck.

I told her that was a superstition (well, a stupidstitiion) and she began rattling off more, like walking under a ladder (never a good idea, anyway, but she said because paint could fall and poison you!) or a black cat crossing your path (that isn’t bad luck she knew, but she did say that when one crossed in front of the van, later that day Ada fell off her bed).

After a few more superstitions, Liam decides to tell us one: “Don’t let a dog pee on a rug”



Liam has a spelling test tomorrow, but he didn’t have the words so I checked the class webpage to see if they were there. They weren’t, but his teacher did write that the kids learned about right angles and parallel lines.

Dinner was ready right afterward, so I asked Liam about parallel lines. He told me what they were and then began talking about right triangles. Helena said that she remembered that stuff…..acute and obese angles.

It kind of works, though.


Another Ada Funny

Pulling into a parking lot, I saw a woman walking out who was quite thin and about eight months pregnant. I said to the kids, “Hey, do you think that woman is pregnant or just ate too much for lunch?”

Ada says, “Maybe she ate at the Donut Connection too much times.”