Wax Museum Day

Ada was Helen Keller for wax museum day. Parents would come by and touch her thumb to hear her story.

As you can probably tell, Ada wasn’t the loudest one in the room! But she did very well and many parents did get to learn something about Helen.


The photo above has King Tut in the foreground, although it looks like it might be Joseph Merrick.

DSC_5511 DSC_5512 DSC_5514

Ada’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Concert

All three kids have done the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song for the parents. Surprisingly, I think that Ada was the loudest of them all. She had a little cold and may have been a bit tired after a late night at the Children’s Theatre the night before, but she did a nice job with her one line solo, “Here comes G all out of breath”.

I’ve noticed that all three of the kids are much more quiet in performance than the others in the class.

Monkey Bars

Ada loves playgrounds, but especially the monkey bars. All summer long she was swinging around from them whatever park she happened to be at.

It finally dawned on me late in the year to take a photo of her hands, which for the majority of the spring and summer were blistered. Since we’ve been back at school for two months. they are pretty well healed up, but still not quite. So her hands all summer long were much worse than this, particularly since they were always red.

Playdate Saturday

Helena was at a playdate for a couple of hours and Liam was with a friend for awhile, so Ada and I were by ourselves. Earlier in the day I had taken Helena and Ada to the bookstore where Helena got a Calvin and Hobbes book and Ada got the Fancy Nancy book that she couldn’t put down the entire time. So I took Ada to a coffee shop where we had hot chocolate and read Fancy Nancy (twice) and then walked around the bike shop next door.

I asked her what she would like to do since the other two were gone. She thought for a moment and then said, “We can make puzzles!”. Since I had to go to the store to get tomato and lettuce for dinner, I went to Target to get her a new puzzle. As luck would have it, they had three Fancy Nancy puzzles, so we picked one up. At home, we did the puzzle as well as the Disney Princesses one. Then while I began making dinner, she did another one.