Home Depot, Hamburgers, and The Walker

Busy day for the kids. We made birdhouses at Home Depot, went to Five Brothers where the kids liked the peanuts and the trash can that opens and closes by itself (until they broke it!), then went to the Walker where we enjoyed a short film Mina Moes and playing in the art room.













Helena’s State Project

Helena had her state report presentation at school today. The kids sat at desks around the classroom’s perimeter and parents could talk to the kids about the projects and write comments about them.

Helena also had artwork up. She was a bit confused as to why both the finished project and a draft were up, but she was happy about it.

Old Photos

It is darn near impossible getting photos from the camera’s internal memory to a computer, particularly when you’ve lost the cable, so these have been sitting on there for over a year.

These are from 22 September 2010, taken with the kids in the car. Not sure why Liam didn’t have his picture taken. I still remember saying to myself that this is what I think of when I think of Helena….always with a book in her hand. As for Ada, she seems to be the most photogenic kid; I never seem to take a poor photo with her.

And this one is from 19 May 2011. Helena had art work up at Lake Harriet.