From Box to Stomach in 20 Minutes

The kids decided to put a gingerbread house together. They didn’t exactly take their time, although there were four of them, and soon as it was done they decided that it was time to eat it.

Helena’s friend, Isabella, was over to help.

Liam actually spent some time “painting” one of the sides pretty well. Ada did a good job, too. Helena and Isabella just wanted to make everything scary “with blood”, so they took it much less seriously than the other two. Luckily they all got along despite the fact that some were taking it somewhat seriously and others not much so.


Helena Makes Candy

Liam and Ada were mighty impressed with it. She made it yesterday, but I didn’t take a picture of it until this morning. It was actually Liam’s expression that I wanted to get a picture of, but by the time I got my camera out, Ada was making the same face that Liam was earlier.



Liam got Nintendo Monopoly for his birthday and really likes it. He has no idea what Park Place and Boardwalk are, but he really wants to own Luigi and Mario. Games typically go for two hours and I’m surprised at Helena’s and Liam’s stamina with it. Ada, not so much.

The part that was so funny about Ada falling asleep is that we didn’t notice when she did. Ada was in charge of houses and hotels. I said, “Ada, I need three more houses”….”Ada?”

That’s when we noticed. We all laughed pretty hard at ourselves.