Helena’s Birthday

Helena took us out to 98 Pounds Buffet for the second year in a row for dinner.  Afterward, we celebrated her 14th birthday – her golden birthday – at home.

The golden theme.


This is Helena after she finally figured out that all the gold presents were for her golden birthday.


She got some jewelry, Gold Bond lotion that nobody could seem to get to come out of its pump, and some clothes.


She also got a game that Santa’s elves forgot to put on the sled a couple of weeks earlier.


Then it was time for lemon cake.

IMG_20160114_193127 IMG_20160114_193134

Ada’s Birthday

Ada started out her birthday morning by cleaning up her big mess in the house, but once done with that I asked her to come out to the garage to get her bike where she found her birthday present – a balance beam. Liam seemed to enjoy it as well, but wouldn’t do much on it other than hop from the trampoline onto it.

After that we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for awhile. In the summer, they have lots of activities outside, but today they had much more than usual. Painting, drawing, board games, lawn games, bubbles, dancing, and more and more.

We did go inside to see what was going on and to do the scavenger hunt. We were confused by the scavenger hunt because it was a bit different than usual, but once we actually read the directions on the front, we got it done pretty quickly.

Ada then took us all to Chipotle for dinner. The rule is that the kid picks a place to go and all she wanted was a cheese quesadilla. But she did get a large one.

Then it was time for cake and to open presents.