This is the face of disappointment on Liam’s face.

But it all works out in the end.

This is not the look of disappointment.

Dancing. As much as I tell Ada to stop wiping her hands on her shirt, I hope that is what she was doing here.

Elaina hit the jackpot….twice. Too many tickets to hold.

Friend alert!

Back at Elaina’s playing hopscotch.

Bryant Lake Bowling

We got off to a great start at Neighborhood Night. There was only a short wait and so we went over to Rusty Quarters to play a couple of games, then came back to order some appetizers. By the time the appetizers came, the lane was ready, but there was enough time for Liam to spill a glass of water all over his pants.

Much to their delight.

Ada really didn’t want to bowl at first because she wanted to eat up all the appetizers before anyone else could get some. While we were getting the balls and our shoes on, Ada sat happily eating. Once she began, she was off to a roaring start, but that didn’t last too long.

Ada was feeling really silly. She kept bouncing around and I had to tell her more than once to get her hair out of the food that was on the table behind her. Eventually, she just fell off the chair, cried, and then calmed herself down. Here she is with the food behind her looking sad after she had gotten herself back up.