Earth Day Cleanup

By the time we were done cleaning up some trash in the neighborhood, it was past noon and they had closed up shop. But the organizers were still around and they thanked us for getting so much trash – apparently we did a great job. But that wasn’t too difficult since we cleaned up near the Super America gas station.

Wading Pool is Open

The pool opened a little early due to the warm weather. As soon as I mentioned it to the kids they wanted to go over. Liam had hurt his knee while on rollerblades because of something Helena did (forget the details) so he didn’t go in completely, but he still splashed the girls.

Can you spot which leg hurts?

Helena spinning Ada around.



Did I mention that it got a little cold by the end?

Community Mosaic Unveiling

Since the mosaic is directly across the street Liam and I watched part of the installation, but it was quickly covered up for the opening this morning. We had a slideshow over at the park and the organizer recognized us for our help when there was an image of the kids working on it. Unfortunately, Helena’s arm was the only thing in the shot and she wasn’t very happy about that, but Liam and Ada were quite pleased to see themselves. (Liam has been the most excited about the whole project. He was most interested in working on it and watching the volunteers install it.)

After the meeting the kids were asked to carry the banner to lead the one-block (!) parade down to the market where the unveiling was, which they were happy about. Once the tarp was removed from the building, Helena was cold and just wanted to go. It had just begun to snow for the first time this season, so it was a nice treat for our winter-themed mosaic, although it was awfully windy.

About an hour after the first pictures were taken, I went back over since the rest of the people were gone by then and took some other photos, where you can see the first of the three inches of snow that we ended up getting today.

Foosball at Bryant Square Park

While waiting for a community meeting to start (for the Bryant Avenue Market mosaic), the kids and I played Foosball. And with some Legos afterward. I admired Liam’s patience with a two year old who kept breaking what Liam was building.


Bocce with Liam

Liam pretty much likes playing any game he can. Soccer, baseball, football, kickball,…. He found the bocce set in the garage and bugged me all day about playing. So during the evening we went over the park to play. The girls weren’t interested at all so they played on the playground until they saw me talking to one of my students who was walking by and who was with some others all dressed up for a school dance. Then they came running over.




At the Park

We had some really high temperatures at the beginning of June (high of 103° on this day, which was the highest in 23 years) so we spent some time at the pool. Ada played for awhile but then wanted to play on the monkey bars which is pretty much where she spends her time while at the parks lately. I’ve been calling her “Monkey”.