Christmas Morning

We arrived home in the middle of the night – around 2:30 am – but the kids still got up by 8:00 to open presents. Not many toys anymore – the kids are getting older. Clothes and makeup were pretty big this year – Liam likes sports equipment and clothing. Liam was launching the Rocket Copters off the balcony in Miami a couple of nights earlier, so he was happy to get some more.


Christmas Morning

Liam and Ada were given instructions not to wake Helena up before eight and they are following orders although they are excited. Dori is still asleep, too.

IMG_20151225_074746What they’re after.
IMG_20151225_072920This year Helena liked art materials, clothes, and candles, Liam wanted sports gloves, jerseys, and Magic cards, and Ada wanted more and more Barbie things.






Christmas Morning

I think this was the first year that I was the first one up. I actually got to bed pretty early and passed right out, so by 7:00 I was up. The kids got up much, much later.

Ada was all about the gumball machine and Barbies; Liam was football; Helena was One Direction, but she also got a laptop which she was quite excited about (and surprised by).

My laptop (well, the school’s) died the very next day, so it was timely.

Christmas Morning

The kids woke up at 6:45. Helena said that they woke up at 6:00 but since I said that they shouldn’t get up until 7:00, they just sat down in the basement on the futon (where they all slept) talking.

Liam seemed a bit excited and a bit underdressed.

Helena was pleased with her Hello Kitty.

The kids’ loot (or as Liam says, “lot”)

I don’t remember what this was all about. I’m sure that it didn’t last long, though. I think she may have begun to open it before she was told to wait for someone else to finish with theirs.

Liam takes a break from opening up presents to put together a Lego game board that Helena bought for him. Thus, he held everyone else up and some of them weren’t too happy about that.

This was the gift to all three kids from Santa.

Ada was happy with her clothes.

Ada was also happy with her accessories (some of which were Helena’s)

Letters to Santa

After putting the kids to bed Helena ran back upstairs to tell me that we forgot to put out cookies for Santa. The chocolate chip cookies that I was going to make couldn’t be made because the oven broke, but luckily I had one batch made earlier.

The kids decided to write letters to Santa, which are here. Along with Santa’s reply…funny that he almost spelled his name wrong.


Putting Up The Christmas Tree

Our tradition is to put it up while Dalen makes dinner. I’m not sure which takes longer sometimes.

While cleaning the dishes, I cut my finger pretty badly on a can. Not only did I cut the finger while trying to get the remaining half of cream of mushroom soup out of the can, jerking my hand back once I cut it made the soup splash all over my shirt.

I was pleasantly surprised to find $45 worth of never used ornaments when I unpacked the goodies. I bought them on December 26th last year, so the kids had lots of new “toys”.