Rosemount Haunted Trail

Nothing haunted about it, and it is just a trail in the middle of the park, but Ada and Liam were dressed up and at least they got some candy.

I learned that spelling isn’t any better in the suburbs than in the city.


Liam with an audience.IMG_20151024_174453

Ada’s happy with her hot chocolate.IMG_20151024_175024 IMG_20151024_180302 IMG_20151024_181638 IMG_20151024_183456 IMG_20151024_183706


We were out for about two hours on Halloween night.

The best part of the night for me was Helena telling every one that she was “Satan’s daughter”. Although she wasn’t really sure what that meant, and had to ask me before we went out, “How do you say it again? Satin?”

Liam was the one that wanted to go home first. Then Helena got cold, so she wanted to go. But as we were rounding the corner at 32nd and Aldrich to turn for home, Ada asked if we could go to some more houses.



Carving Pumpkins

Helena was really good about helping Ada out.

Liam was afraid to get any pulp on his fingers.

Ada was really excited about the pumpkin seeds. I roasted them the next day.

I swore that I took a photo of Ada holding her finished one, but I can’t find it. I’m not sure if I ever got the others’, though.











My kids love Halloween. I think that they look forward to it as much as Christmas or Easter. So I was excited to be able to take them out again. This year Ada was a princess, Liam was Wolverine (two pictures below because he wanted one with a serious face), and Helena was a vampire, which she had to explain to a lot of people because she didn’t have fangs, despite the fact that she really did look good.

We walked around for an hour and their bags were filled and that was just Colfax and Dupont from 31st to 33rd. So I suggested that we come back home (we were only two short blocks away) and dump everything out, and then go back out again. They thought that was the greatest idea ever – as if we were breaking some rule. So we did, then went back out to Aldrich all the way down to 35th Street and back.

There were a lot of kids out this year – the weather was super nice (upper 40s) – which made it much more fun for the kids although we never did see anyone that we knew.