Open House #2 (Grand Opening of Lake Harriet Lower’s Expansion)

Lake Harriet’s lower campus opened its new expansion on Open House night.

We already knew that Ada and Abby had gotten the same teacher, but we found out that she sits with her in one of the new rooms. It will probably be the last time Ms Cologna puts them together at the same table all year.

Helena’s State Project

Helena had her state report presentation at school today. The kids sat at desks around the classroom’s perimeter and parents could talk to the kids about the projects and write comments about them.

Helena also had artwork up. She was a bit confused as to why both the finished project and a draft were up, but she was happy about it.

Lake Harriet Upper Campus Playground

After Helena’s show, we went outside to the playground. Liam had already been out there with his friend Ruben. He came in a bit scared like he was when he fell at school and almost had to have stitches. Ruben’s dad came over to tell me that Liam fell. Apparently, Liam fell off the slide and then bit his tongue, which can clearly be seen in the second picture. Yuck. But he was fine after a few minutes.

Composers Night

Helena and her friends band did a song called Communication. Or was that the band name? I think the music teacher even had the band name incorrect. (I’ve been told that the band name was Six Ovations. Even though a seventh person joined in at the last minute, they kept the name)

Unfortunately, the song ended abruptly when the singer missed a verse (or something). You can see the confusion on Helena’s face in the last photo. Tears were shed, but not by Helena. Seems that there was some lack of, um….

Read-a-thon Kickoff

The kids went to the kickoff for the Read-a-thon at Lake Harriet. Mostly it is an excuse for them to see some friends. And Ada wanted to show off in the gym.

The first picture is of Helena in the gym. Once she realized that I took a picture of her, she took off with her friends out of the gym.

Ada’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Concert

All three kids have done the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song for the parents. Surprisingly, I think that Ada was the loudest of them all. She had a little cold and may have been a bit tired after a late night at the Children’s Theatre the night before, but she did a nice job with her one line solo, “Here comes G all out of breath”.

I’ve noticed that all three of the kids are much more quiet in performance than the others in the class.