Richfield Miniature Golf

It was the first time that I’ve been back in probably ten or fifteen years, but the miniature golf course at Veteran’s Memorial Park is still the worst that I’ve ever seen. The wood chips on the greens, slopes on tees that make it impossible to keep the ball stationary, and patches of carpet here and there were bad enough. But the greens are nowhere near flat, and almost every ball hit ends up laying against the edge (if there is one) because almost every hole was designed like a volcano. I can’t expect my all-time favorite, but the miniature golf in the old Amsterdam Mall was ten times more fun than this! (I tried to find a photo of the mall one, but only found the video I linked to with a Holli Golightly soundtrack…awesome!)

Funny, though. The kids hardly notice! But the did notice that the four teenagers waiting on the two parties at the concession stand were terribly slow, and I thought it was just bad luck that they were out of the first two drinks I requested, and brats, which I ordered for Liam and I. But I wasn’t the only one that was unlucky…the other family asked for some ice cream dessert and were told that they were out of them as well.