New York Trip Day 7

We spent the day at the racetrack in Saratoga. Between Liam, Helena, and I, we didn’t even lose $30, so we’ll consider that a success.

2014-08-02-12h01m10 2014-08-02-13h40m39

The spring water was quite a hit!


Dad showing the kids how it is done.

2014-08-02-13h52m38Trackside – Ada is there, too!

2014-08-02-15h27m50 2014-08-02-15h36m45Liam watching the television screens to watch another of his losing horses. Judging by this photo, there was at least one point in time when he thought that he had a chance.

In the last race, there was a horse by the name of Plainview, which is where my car broke down a few days earlier. It was another loser.




We watched a couple of races upstairs, too.

Saratoga is a nice place to get real close to the horses. From the literature there, it is the only track where the horses have to walk through the crowds to get from the paddocks to the track.


Later we drove to Lake George where we saw the (closed) Fort William Henry, Lake George (the lake) and played miniature golf – 36 holes worth.

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