Community Mosaic Unveiling

Since the mosaic is directly across the street Liam and I watched part of the installation, but it was quickly covered up for the opening this morning. We had a slideshow over at the park and the organizer recognized us for our help when there was an image of the kids working on it. Unfortunately, Helena’s arm was the only thing in the shot and she wasn’t very happy about that, but Liam and Ada were quite pleased to see themselves. (Liam has been the most excited about the whole project. He was most interested in working on it and watching the volunteers install it.)

After the meeting the kids were asked to carry the banner to lead the one-block (!) parade down to the market where the unveiling was, which they were happy about. Once the tarp was removed from the building, Helena was cold and just wanted to go. It had just begun to snow for the first time this season, so it was a nice treat for our winter-themed mosaic, although it was awfully windy.

About an hour after the first pictures were taken, I went back over since the rest of the people were gone by then and took some other photos, where you can see the first of the three inches of snow that we ended up getting today.

Mosaic Project

Here we are on the first day of actually working on the mosaic project for the neighborhood which will be across the street when finished.

We worked on icicles made of mirror today. In the end the kids had fun, particularly Liam, and Ada had cut her finger (but she wasn’t too bothered by it).