Pizza Night

Tonight was Open House night at Southwest and the kids were going to be with me, so we went out to Michaelangelo’s Pizza, which the kids had been to once before and they liked it.

The kids were asking me about how you throw dough up into the air to make pizza a couple of days before, so since the person who was waiting on us was a former Southwest student, I asked her if my kids could watch the dough being tossed.

So, a few minutes later she came back to the table and got the kids to go into the kitchen to see. After about five minutes, they still hadn’t returned, so I went in the back and the kids were all standing there in the kitchen preparing the pizza…..sausage, pepperoni, and tomatoes. They all just looked up and smiled, and I went back to the table.

I’m sure that having kids in the back making pizza is breaking some code, but it certainly was fun for the kids, and they keep asking to go back.