Scavenger Hunt

Second year of the final day of the school year hunt. This year I took photos of the numbers 1 – 10 around the house which the kids had to find to get the next clue. When they came to the back door after school they saw a “1” on a photo which happened to be the “1” that was on the countdown ring for the end of school that we’ve had hanging in the kitchen for the last 25 days of school.

It took some minutes for them to find out what it was, and then they needed help on “2” since it was from Helena’s new bike. After that they did pretty well….especially Liam, who near the end, would take off for the next number with Helena yelling at him to slow down.

The best thing about it was that when Helena saw the “1” on the back door she immediately thought it was a scavenger hunt despite not having one since the year before, and to my knowledge, it has never been mentioned since.

Helena got some things for her bike (wicker basket, lock), Liam got two Nintendo books, and Ada got a new swing for the back yard.

Once they had all ten down, they had to do a little puzzle to find out where the loot was. I like how Helena figured it out but was too excited to finish the last letter.