Liam’s Tesselation

Liam is famous for not realizing that he’s had projects to do for weeks and weeks. Dalen tells me the night before it is due, that he’s had a tesselation project that was assigned a month earlier. So Liam had to do the thing in one night. Luckily I had some paper at work, so we did it there and he colored it at home.

Funny how the kids never want to do these projects but when they are done they’re happy as can be about them.

Ada’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Concert

All three kids have done the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song for the parents. Surprisingly, I think that Ada was the loudest of them all. She had a little cold and may have been a bit tired after a late night at the Children’s Theatre the night before, but she did a nice job with her one line solo, “Here comes G all out of breath”.

I’ve noticed that all three of the kids are much more quiet in performance than the others in the class.

Ada’s First Day of Kindergarten

Last night while I was putting Ada to bed, I was telling her all the fun things that she’ll get to do in kindergarten, and she seemed pretty excited. A couple of weeks ago she was quite scared about it, but since Open House a week ago, she’s been okay with the idea of going after seeing her room and meeting her teacher, who is the same teacher that Liam had.

But as soon as the kids’ alarm went off at 7:00 this morning, she began to cry. She got out of bed and sat on Helena’s bed without getting dressed, but calmed down quickly. Eventually she got dressed and went downstairs; after that she was good.

Once we were at school, Liam began to show her the toys and she just sat down and began to play while completely ignoring the rest of us, which is quite common around the house. I had to leave after that to take Helena to school, but according to Liam, she was good all morning.

After she got off the bus, she said that she liked her class and that she’d have no problems going tomorrow. We’ll have to see about that!

Liam sneaks in a Leapster game while getting ready. The girls watch.

Ada's morning tears.

Ada finds a half chewed tomato left by some animal. Arguments ensue about other possible tomato sightings.

They all look to be the winner in spotting the next half eaten tomato contest.

All jammed in the back.

Dad is being funny with the camera now...taking pictures of every little step Ada takes. Girls find it humourous, though

Like Ada's locker

And the chart Ada has to sign in at. I told her that I named her Ada so that she would be at the top of the list.

Getting off the bus at the end of the school day.

Ada wants to show everyone what she did. And she doesn't want to wait to do it.

Liam was getting tired, so he goes into the shade for a rest. Then Ada goes to join him.

Ada’s Fours Explore Graduation

Unlike the other two kids, Ada spent her pre-kindergarten year in Fours Explore which is part of Minneapolis Kids which was at Kenny Elementary. She was one of the few kids that was still four when the program ended.

Waving to Dad

Exiting the Stage after the Ceremony

School Portraits

School photos from 2009-2010.

Liam’s smile on the first photo didn’t really look like Liam, so Dalen wanted him to get another one. When I was getting him ready that morning, I fixed his hair (which is always a mess) since I knew that it was picture day, and then when I was getting his clothes together he told me that it was “Blue Day” for Spirit Week, so I found something sort of blue for him. When I dropped him off at school I realized that although I remembered it was picture day when I was fixing his hair, I obviously forgot about it while getting his clothes together, and so he’s not dressed as nicely for the second picture. Darn Spirit Week.

These are large photos, so click on them to see them in all their glory. This includes what Helena had for breakfast and the cut on Liam’s forehead.

Late Bus

I’m waiting for Helena to come upstairs at school but she is a little late. So I go look for her. Sometimes she’s in the science room across the hall looking at the animals. Not today. I’m walking up and down the hallways looking for her. I look in the office, which is where I told her to go if she cannot find me. Nowhere. I call Dalen to see if Helena called her. I check my email to see if Dalen just picked her up without telling me…nope.

So I go back outside and immediately see her – she’s crying because she can’t get in. Her bus dropped her off late and the doors are locked on the outside. After hugging her for a minute to calm her down, I walk to the front door to tell her what to do if this happens again since there is a doorbell buzzer thing there and explain how to do it. She already knows how to because they have it at the lower campus as well. While I’m showing her, I try the door …. it was open.

While walking to the car, we walked past another door – the one that we usually come out of and I told her that there is a doorbell on that door as well…..that door is open too.

I think she went to the only two doors that (may have been) locked.