Science Museum

We got to see igneous rock heated to 2000 degrees and then poured as lava. All three kids really liked that. Once it began to cool, it turned into a shiny black rock. Since it cooled too quickly, about five minutes later it split, which Liam thought was so cool that he wanted his picture taken with it.

The news broadcast. Even I can’t read as fast as the screen scrolls.

Liam in front of his mummy.

Liam also liked this very large tree that was cut down from…..Washington state, I believe.

The girls liked it as well, before they ran off to take a computer quiz on advertising.

Rather than the mummy, the girls like the fawn.

And a cat.

We went to the Omni theatre to see a film about the Amazon and its potential for life-saving medicines.

Up above (and below) St. Paul.

On the way home.

Helena: “Great…It looks like we’re hugging!”