Busy Day

Soccer first


Then we went out for ice cream to celebrate the win. The best part of winning was that the coach and parents in Lakeville were the worst we’ve ever encountered. Yelling at the (teenaged) linesman, lineswoman and the (adult) referee. The coach was so mad over (correct) non-call on offsides that he threw his phone in disgust, which happened to go in the tall grass that can be seen in the top of the photo above. Liam is not in the photo below because he was watching the football game on the television.

2014-09-21-15h01m40And while we were sitting there, we laughed and laughed at the coach some more because he came in. And he must have found his phone!


And then, once again, we went to Valleyfair.

2014-09-21-16h19m45 2014-09-21-16h25m22 2014-09-21-16h37m28 2014-09-21-16h37m40 2014-09-21-16h46m02 2014-09-21-16h48m02

This was in the haunted house. We weren’t sure if we were allowed to sit on this, but we did anyway because our guide was in a hurry and left us in the dust.

“Hurry up, dad’s taking a picture”2014-09-21-18h04m35 2014-09-21-18h38m02


And then we went to somewhere new for dinner.


Liam’s First Travelling Soccer Match

Out in Orono. But they have grass there, so it was something different.

They lost 6-0, and never one a game until their very last game when they beat a team from Duluth which had never won all year long, either.

Then after the game we went to Cooper’s in St. Louis Park to eat lunch and for Liam to watch the Vikings game, which they surprisingly won. By the time we got home and Liam finished watching some more football, he was pretty beat.


Liam’s Last Summer of Rec Soccer

Luckily for us, Liam happened to be the same colour jersey this year and the old one fit, so I didn’t have as much laundry to do.

Ada and Helena were still good about going to the games – they didn’t always want to go, but the weather was almost always nice.

Although, like dad, Ada doesn’t always like the bright sun.


Liam’s Soccer

Liam didn’t score too much today because (1) the coaches decided that the kids needed two very long water breaks, (2) the girl who played keeper for the whole game on the other team held on the ball for a good thirty seconds every time she touched it, and (3) Liam played keeper for awhile and didn’t get to play forward too much. He did almost score after kicking the ball while playing keeper, though.

He scored from here, but I didn’t get it.