New York Trip Day 4

We got off to a late start because Ada and Sofia stayed up too late the night before watching a movie, but eventually we made it out to Montauk despite the busy road.

There we went up the Montauk Point Lighthouse, except for Jake who was too little to be let up.

2014-07-30-14h39m24 2014-07-30-14h45m07

This one is atop the lighthouse, but it was so bright in the back that it is difficult to see, although you can tell it was a little breezy.2014-07-30-15h22m56 2014-07-30-15h26m04 2014-07-30-15h36m42 2014-07-30-15h44m08After that it was off to get lunch and then to Hither Hills beach. There was some confusion as to whether the beach was closed once the lifeguards went off duty so we didn’t stay too long.

2014-07-30-17h44m22 2014-07-30-17h44m31 2014-07-30-17h50m02We spent some time laughing at Jake, who doesn’t like the water too much, but did enjoy chasing the seagulls around.


If that wasn’t enough excitement, Libby and Peter treated the kids to ice cream on the way home.

2014-07-30-18h10m13 2014-07-30-18h10m25 2014-07-30-19h04m41



Wading Pool is Open

The pool opened a little early due to the warm weather. As soon as I mentioned it to the kids they wanted to go over. Liam had hurt his knee while on rollerblades because of something Helena did (forget the details) so he didn’t go in completely, but he still splashed the girls.

Can you spot which leg hurts?

Helena spinning Ada around.



Did I mention that it got a little cold by the end?

Swimming and Institute of Arts

90 degrees in September for the third day in a row. Time to get inside and enjoy some air conditoning.

My camera ran out of batteries at the swimming pool at Lifetime, so there isn’t much here.  We went to the store for a few things, then home for lunch, then off to the MIA for the Family Day activities where they made flags and we got our picture taken which I hope would be online. We did get a small photograph of us dressed up (well, the girls and I since Liam wanted no part of it) and Helena laughed like crazy because my wig kept falling off.