Getting ready for coloring the eggs.

The eggs are delivered.
Putting the eggs in.
And pulling them out.
Playing with the dye.
Wow! Exciting colors.
Dad is proud of his basket too.
Easter morning. Liam usually takes some time to wake up. Helena takes 1/40th of a second to do the same.
Liam finds one too.
Liam finds one….
….but Helena sees him and rushes over to grab it first. Judge Mom declares that Liam is the one who can put the egg in the tray.
Now fully awake, Liam can smile.
Helena and Liam find their Easter baskets. Liam lets his Pez dispenser open it for him (he calls Pez “Mints”)
After his sugar high, Liam gets a little sleepy.
So he gets his bee-bee and begins to get ready for his nap.