Liam’s Tesselation

Liam is famous for not realizing that he’s had projects to do for weeks and weeks. Dalen tells me the night before it is due, that he’s had a tesselation project that was assigned a month earlier. So Liam had to do the thing in one night. Luckily I had some paper at work, so we did it there and he colored it at home.

Funny how the kids never want to do these projects but when they are done they’re happy as can be about them.

Funny Comment from Ada

Every other Monday I go with friends to Tailgate, a sports-bar(?) in south Minneapolis. You can easily spot the place by the tailgate of a truck hanging over the entrance.

Today while at Home Depot for the monthly Kids Workshop, on the way out I stopped to look at toilets. Liam puts his project (a Home Depot sports car) into the built in handle of the box and Ada says, “That looks like where daddy gets beer”.

Yes, honey, you’re right.

Two pictures from their projects

Institute of Arts

We’re doing a scavenger hunt at the Institute of Arts and we have to find the painting shown here which shows Artemis (or Diana? – I can’t remember) with hunters in the back. I ask Liam what is going on and he thinks that it is a dog park.

Then we have to go find the bust of Medusa. Ada sees the photo in the scavenger hunt brochure and as soon as we turn a corner, she sees her:

This all happened before we temporarily lost Ada and after their art project.

At work: